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Islamic views on slavery represent a complex and multifaceted body of Islamic thought, with various Islamic groups or thinkers espousing views on the matter which.

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Oxford men guilty of sexual exploitation 'on a massive. Verdicts. Assad Hussain, 37, of Iffley Road, Oxford, guilty of five counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault, not guilty of one count of indecent.

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ISIS release 'rape handbook' to fighters, with 15. Islamic State monsters have been issued new guidance on the rules of rape. ISIS militants were issued the new advice following a series of reported 'violations'.

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Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan detained in Paris on rape. French police on Wednesday detained prominent Swiss Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, a legal source said, months after two women filed rape charges against him.

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BBC - Religions - Islam: Sharia All aspects of a Muslim's life are governed by Sharia. Sharia law comes from a combination of sources including the Qur'an, the sayings of the prophet and.

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ISIS Latest News, Pictures, Attacks and. - ISIS. The Islamic State (ISIS) is notorious for spreading hatred, beheading victims on camera and instigating deadly terrorist attacks. ISIS is also known as Daesh.

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Understanding Islamic Law - Islamic Supreme Council of America Islamic civilization, since the time of Prophet Muhammad (s) until now, is firmly founded on the concept of ‘rule of law.’ For that reason, the law is published.

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Sweden: Rape Capital of the West - Gatestone Institute Rape rate per 100,000 population, comparison by country (selected top and bottom countries), 2012 statistics taken from the United Nations Office on Drugs.